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On this page you will find a list with columns, reviews, essays and other articles about steampunk and related themes. Feel free to comment any of these articles in the forum or post your own there.
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*   Columns:
  1. Where once fantasy was - introduction text to the forum.
  2. Who is afraid of steam?
  3. The Exotic - spice up your setting with foreign cultures.
  4. Deus Ex Machina - about religion in steampunk.
  5. Funny Steampunk - why take it seriously?
  6. Point Break - on alternative worlds and alternate history
  7. Lonely planet - about expeditions to the unknown
  8. Lifestyle - can steampunk have its own?
  9. Helpdesketeers and the Power over Machinery
*   Reviews (in alphabetical order):
(About the reviews)
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I want to give an independent view on media, with a steampunk touch. You can find all sorts of information about movies, books and such on the internet, but instead of copying this information, I thought it would be more useful to write a review with an exclusive steampunk point of view.
Of course, all reviews express my opinion, but I try to keep focused on the use of these media for steampunkers. Is it something for you if you are interested in the genre? Can you use some of the ideas in your own setting? Can you learn something from it?

I am not paid for writing the reviews, and I don't get free review copies. Which means I have to pay for the books, movies etc. myself. Thus, if I don't think I like a medium enough to spend money on it, or if it is just too expensive to fit my budget, it won't be reviewed by me.
If you think something is definitely missing in the reviews, why don't you write a review yourself in the forum? Or maybe you want to add your opinion to mine. Please keep in mind the first paragraph: it should be a steampunk review.

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