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Intrigue & Illusions RPG

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Intrigue & Illusions (I&I) is a "story telling" based classic "pen & papier" role playing game. You can download it and play it with a couple of friends around a table, near the fire or in the park. All you need is pencil, paper, the manual, and some dice.

I&I has been developped to suit Steamworld Daleth, but is at the same time so general it can be played in any other setting.

The gaming system of I & I is best described by what it is not:
  • there are no strict rules for battles or magic
  • there are no different rules for different races or classes
  • there are no fixed abilities or proficiencies for the player characters
  • you don't need a specific set of dice to play
  • story telling is more important than statistics, so even the mathematically challenged can play.

I & I offers a charactersheet that is easy to read, with a direct graphic overview on the health of the character and its chances to succeed.

I&I makes it possible to play both the physical as the mental side of a character - in you advantage or disadvantage. This makes it possible to experience the magic of Daleth, but can also simulate a state of "expanded mind" or drunkeness.

Finally, I&I is not a game with detailed rules - gaming atmosphere, playing a character instead of a stereotype, the adventure, the intrigues, the mysteries and the fantastic should be up front. Thus, the rulebook in not much larger than most "trials" from regular games. Game masters are asked to use there improvisation skills and experience the freedom of gaming.

Download Intrigue & Illusions: the game that messes with your mind

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