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Steamworld Daleth is a gothic world on an alien planet. Call it an imaginary country, a geofiction or a follie. During the many years I have worked on Daleth (now over 25 years) the world has become what she is now: a steampunk/gothic world where the echo of the Victorian or Biedermeier Age still sounds, but where many odd things are yet to be discovered. It's a mix of fantasy and reality, a dreamscape of my imagination.
Daleth can be used as a setting for the role playing game Intrigue & Illusions, but is not developed as such. Daleth is much more than a mere setting for a RPG. It's a world with its own dynamics.
In the Mosaic you navigate over the Daleth Encyclopaedia, one page a time, no frames at all. Compatible with nearly all browsers, usable in all screen resolutions with almost any window-size. Use the functions of the browsers to return to the Encyclopaedia.

Enter Daleth Mosaic

In the Kaleidoscope version the navigation is light on frames. Your browser needs to understand frames to use this version. The version contains all pages and links, but the looks are not quite what I was looking for and has not all features of the Laterna Magica version.

Enter Daleth Kaleidoscope

The Laterna Magica version is the full version of the World of Daleth in a multi-frame lay-out that should bring the real Daleth feel to the readers. It's not the best of choices for older computers or modem users.

Enter Daleth Laterna Magica

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