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Gothic Steam Phantastic is an independent, non-commercial site to provide information and interaction to steampunkers in the broadest sense possible.

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All texts and graphics by the webmaster, except:
  • The "rusty" background is freeware provided by
  • The "Dampfplatz" font in the logo is freeware by Paul Lloyd
  • The "Flying Fan Man" in the logo is free clipart from Oldtime Clipart.
  • The smilies originate all from smiley-collections on the internet, like Jason's Smilies, who all claim it is copyrightfree freeware. Unfortunately, I could not find out who actually owns the copyrights on the smilies.
  • The picture of the inside of the Nautilus is made by Hildibrand for Jules Verne's Vingt Mille Lieues sous les Mers, Collection J. Hetzel, published 1928.
Please visit their websites to download these items if you like them.

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Thanks to the Dutch Government for paying me while I'm not earning money. It gives me time to do useful things Devil

Thanks to Eloya, Sunny and the rest of the team from Travar for setting up the forum.

And very special thanks to Eph for all she did for the forum, but mostly because she gave me faith in the project - and myself.
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