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Self portrait
I am the one who is responsible for this site (Gothic Steam Phantastic, Daleth, Intrigue&Illusions, Absinthium Design, Schlimazlnik's Scriptorium and some other linked projects). Doing the website is a hobby of mine, but I care more about the content than the actual mastering. When it comes down to web-technics and design, I'm a self-made man.
Originally, I am an engineer in town-planning. After my engineering exams, I had odd jobs involving taxes, unix-terminals, and some citrix-hacking. However, my heart beats for the writing of fiction, non-fiction and nonsense.

I was born in 1970, which means I grew up in the 1980's, which was a wonderful time to develop a taste for the dark side of life and post-apocalyptic atmospheres. It was also a freaky time when it comes to cyberpunk, hacking, and getting to know computers. I guess that is what shaped me to what I am now.

I live in Holland and have done so all my life, except for a short time that I lived in Hanover, Germany. Which might explain the numerous German links in the lists, and the occasional Dutch link. I like escaping Holland too, and had numerous holidays all over Europe. This gave me a mighty collection of pictures of landscapes, buildings, trains, and weirder stuff.

I never considered myself a steampunker - I am more a goth than anything else. I love reading, and from children's books I came to read horror, and as the modern horror became more porn and gore, I switched to science-fiction. But as soon as I discovered the technics in science-fiction where usually covered up with bullshit, I changed to fantasy in the early 1990's. Fantasy became too much mainstream, and the quality of new books was "sub-optimal". So I started to read cyberpunk instead, and I liked it very much, but it also got me in contact with steampunk.
Meanwhile, I was working on my world, that was hailing to classic horror and my love for "gothic" music. The steampunk fitted in nicely... so here we are now.

By the way, if you wondered about it, the nickname Yaghish means "rain" in Azeri. It's stupid, but it makes sense in the text I used it in first, and it rather stuck with me afterwards.

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