Common Trade Language

Characters, sounds and transcription

The Common Language has the following sounds (with transcription)
A as in french avez
B as in bed
CH as ch in dutch lachen (sharper than g in gas)
D as in dog
E as in pet
F as in fire
G as in gas
H as in have
IE (or Y) as ee in eel
J as y in you, yam
K as in kid
L as in long
M as in man
N as in new
O as in of
OE (or U) as ou in you
P as in pet
R as in french roman
S as in smile
T as in time
TH as in though
TZ (or Ç) as ch in Chernobyl
V as w in wolf
Z as s in rose
SJ (at the end of a word) as sh in shell


au as ou in out
oy as oy in oyster

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